IT support tailored for healthcare

Information technology has been rapidly growing, ushering in innovation, but it’s also put pressure on the healthcare field to keep up. Health information technology, including electronic medical records (EMR/EHR) management, has been a struggle for dentists and their practices to implement putting patient care and revenue at risk.

IT support tailored for healthcare - and relevant to the needs of dental practices - leads to efficient workflows, accurate medical billing, protects patient health data, and can enhance the patient experience.

Smooth IT Operations Are Key For Your Practice

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IT Services for Medical Arts

Practice Efficiency and Patient Convenience

Deliver exceptional patient care while relieving the administrative burden on your administrative staff by adding a patient portal and online scheduling. We ensure all of your systems integrate together for efficient workflows and seamless practice management.

Connectivity and Automation

Connect multiple practice locations and link to claims and other online systems, including tools to help automate reminder calls and texts and insurance filing.

Data Security

Protect your patient’s personal healthcare information (PHI) and stay HIPAA compliant. Patient data is target for increasingly sophisticated breeches and attacks. Your security approach can’t be “set and forget” and employee training is a critical component.

General IT Support and Troubleshooting

Keeping up with the latest IT tools and trends is a full-time job – few dentists want to add to their work load. Your practice just needs its computer systems to work, easily and reliably. We support both the hardware and software needs for practices with insight into the nuanced needs of dental IT and offer fixed-price service packages.

Get IT Help for Your Practice

Please reach out to us anytime for a private consultation.

Vilma Khmaladze – Openix Solutions

Vilma is an IT professional with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. She views technology as a tool that helps practices grow, and daily operations run more efficiently. Openix serves your unique IT needs, delivering the experience and expertise needed for your practice to take advantage new digital solutions and data security.

What Our clients say

Dr. Koval, Owing Mills, MD

“Openix helped my practice with electronic records, invoicing and scheduling and tied all of our systems and software together. It was a huge time saver and patients love the online portal.”