The Dental Advisory Group

A core of professionals specializing in services for dental practices

Expert Help for Your Practice So You Can Focus on Dentistry

You are most valuable as a dentist, living your true passion. You didn’t become a dentist to get mired down in administrative functions, HR, marketing, accounting, legalities and finances. We are a collection of professionals experienced in working with dental practices. Building trust and a relationship with you is our foundation, with the goal of helping you build the same with your patients.
We work independently, so you can choose the services you really need.

Meet The Dental Advisory Group

Experienced professionals, working independently, ready to offer expertise in key areas to help your practice run more efficiently and improve quality of care by allowing you to focus on the art of dentistry.

Fletcher Gill, Sr.

Commercial Real Estate
The Genau Group

Tammy Swankowski​

Brand Development & Marketing

Stephanie Gumm

Financial Planner
Horizon Advisory Group

Malika Azargoon​

Dental Consultant
ZAR Dental Consulting

Jim Alley

Accounting, CPA

Michael Skerritt​

Business Attorney
Klewans & Skerritt, PC

Edgar Ndjatou

Human Resources
Officium, LLC

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"How do I get started?"

Instead of doing it all, going it alone, or hiring more employees than you need, The Dental Advisory Group is an  “as-needed” resource. Each of our members works independently, so reach out to the appropriate professional for the guidance you need. Need legal help?  Staffing struggles? Looking for new office space or help negotiating your lease?  We’ve got you covered with a core of professionals who understand dentistry, ready to help when you need us.  We’ll connect with you individually to address your challenges. We do more than advise; we solve. 

Frequent Questions

Do you feel you’ve reached a plateau in your practice? Spend more time dealing with staff issues than being a dentist? Having trouble with your EMR, billing or other IT systems? Considering adding new services? Boggled by all the compliance issues? Is insurance making you crazy? Are you thinking of selling? Do you worry about what would happen if you got sick or injured? Bringing on a partner? Opening a new location? Moving? Trying to plan for life after dentistry? Working hard but not making any money? If you answer yes to any of these, let’s talk! Just fill out the contact form and we’ll take it from there.

Each DAG advisor works independently, so the pricing varies depending on the service and the specific needs of a practice. Choose the service(s) that most interests you and reach out to that DAG advisor to schedule a free initial meeting, which will include information about the fees. Our clients typically see our services as an investment, resulting in a more successful practice.

We are all experienced professionals and have developed relationships during our years in business that we have leveraged in this group. To be a DAG advisor, you must be invited and be approved by the other advisors in the group. It is important that we can trust each advisor to exceed your expectations.

That’s what we are here for! Just reach out via the contact form and we will be in touch to help you determine the best path forward and the best advisor(s) for your particular needs. 

From start up to ready to sell (and everything in between), The Dental Advisory Group can guide your practice. Each phase in a practice comes with different goals and needs; we can be your “go-to” throughout the journey.

A practice consultant provides a scope of services and typically refers or outsources for the various needs you might have, while overseeing the implementation of those services. The Dental Advisory Group gives you access to advisors in specific areas who have already been vetted for their success and experience, so you can go directly to that advisor for the specialized help you need. 

Fill out the contact form and select the areas that most interest you. You can pick one … or all of them. Then, the advisor specializing in that area will reach out to schedule a phone call or meeting with you.